Shemale dating experiences from my perspective

TS escorts and what to know

I have gotten a few emails from guys who say that they have gone the escort route but have never thought about actually dating a transexual. With the growth of the internet and the rise of many easy ways to find escorts on the internet I realize it is easily accessible to find a “good time” without having to try that hard. Honestly I have never engaged in this behavior but that is only because of personal choicenot because I think it is wrong. I chose to go a different route once i got curious but I cant blame someone for trying it out with an escort first. I guess though like with everything you must be careful and realize you are not getting the true experience. You are getting your fantasy fulfilled and if that is what you are looking for more power to you. If you are really thining about making this your lifestyle though i would say go out and try to meet trans that havent chosen to do this with thier lives. I think you will notice quite a different experience and one you are more likely to enjoy.

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