Shemale dating experiences from my perspective

Transexuals making national news

In the last year or so I am seeing more and more talk of transexuals in every day news. Some of it has actually been positive and uplifting like popular punk rock singer Tom Gabel coming out as transgendered and Navy seal Kristen Beck coming out as well . Some has been sad like B. Scott told to not look so girly by BET or Jessica Durling being suspended from school. Those bad incidents show that unfortunately transexuals are not considered equals yet but things are slowly turning. While being gay is considered more normal then being transgedered these days every day that passes more and more Trans people are coming out and that is great news for everyone, especially those of us that love them. I am excited at the progress that is being made and am now sure that in my lifetime we will in fact see equality for transgendered people. That was not the case even 5 years ago.

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